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Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy with 255 million people, and GDP growth above 5% in 2016* and projected to remain above 5%-6% for the next five years. During the difficult global conditions of 2015-2016, Indonesia’s economy was among the top worldwide performers, due to a number of factors, including strong domestic demand and rich natural resources.

Solid macroeconomic fundamentals, a stable currency and recent upgrades in bond ratings have made in Indonesia an economy to watch in the coming decade.

With economic growth remained positive in the last two decades, Indonesia’s GDP is growing and is estimated to reach US $ 1,114 billion in 2017, growing on average per year is about 7% -8% since 2010.

Therefore it is not surprising that Indonesia is one of the main investment target in the Asia Pacific region. However, doing business in Indonesia needs to be supported by a strong team, both in terms of data competition, market strategist, media communications to regulatory lobbyists.

Here comes the role Divestama.id as one with multiplatform startup that can facilitate your business in Indonesia. With a strong network and database, we present as a shadow team to support your business continuity. Call us now to support your business.

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