Commodity Trader is commodity trader startup who plays connecting Indonesia with global markets, as well as global markets with Indonesia. With a database of base commodity company in Indonesia, provide channeling services, commodity traders, and commodity company acquisitions in Indonesia and global markets. four leading commodities among others energy, industry, agriculture, forresty, and farming. With a base of reliable competence, plus the strategic location of Indonesia with abundant natural resources, we believe can become your partner towards success together.

Indonesia with a population of approximately 255 million people in 2016 is a country with abundant natural resources. Call it, energy commodities and mining such as coal, gas, gold, nickel, bauxite, tin, up commodities such as palm oil, rubber, coffee, essential oils, coconut, cocoa, spices, and forest commodities such as wood and paper, to farm commodities such as chicken, duck, beef, all there is in this country.

Indonesia’s natural wealth has been popular in foreign countries since the Dutch colonial era. Trade top 10 major export commodities Indonesia reached US $ 102.53 billion during 2009 to 2013 and expected to increase significantly by 2019.

Therefore, present to facilitate commodity trade from Indonesia to the global market and the global market to Indonesia. Please contact us for your commodity needs.

Top 10 Major Export Commodities Indonesia

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